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Spring of Hope International (SOHI) is a 501.(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving living conditions and promoting Christian spiritual growth among the poorest-of-the-poor in rural Kenya

Our vision is to nurture Christ-centered community transformation in Africa

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David Opap, Spring of Hope International Founder

Spring of Hope International (SOHI) was founded in 2008 by native Kenyan, David Opap, who, being raised in the area, has an intimate first-hand knowledge of the region, culture, and challenges facing these people. Since its inception, SOHI has partnered with the proud and hard-working people in this rural Kenyan community empowering them to improve their living conditions.

Spring of Hope’s mission is to empower African communities with the mindset and resources to alleviate extreme poverty

Areas of focus

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Clean Water

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Education Opportunities

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Economic empowerment

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spiritual development

SOHI is a Christian centered non-profit. As such, our motivation and the inspiration for our work in Kenya is our love for Christ and our desire to be His ambassadors in the world for the accomplishment of His purposes. During His time on earth as a man, Jesus demonstrated His unfailing love for the marginalized and hurting people of the world. He cared about and ministered to their physical, emotional, and most importantly the spiritual needs. The fundamental objective of His coming to earth was to provide the means for all mankind to be reconciled and be in restored relationship with the one true God. SOHI seeks to emulate that level of love. We are in community with the Kenyan people–no better and no worse.

The organization is viewed by the government and community members as a beneficial and effective partner. SOHI’s mission, vision, and approach are focused on the organization being a catalyst to helping local Kenyan communities to develop affordable, self-reliant and sustainable solutions.

Learn more about Spring of Hope International and how they're empowering lives, One Miracle At a Time.

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